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  • We're Introducing AionCon; An Online Video Conference Unlike Anything You've Seen Before
  • 30+ Speakers and 15+ Hours Of Content From The Most Diverse Range Of Experts From All Walks Of Life Ever Assembled
  • Talks that will help you master your mind, fix your health, improve your relationships and help you plan a financially successful future... all while avoiding the toxic pitfalls of modern culture​​​​
  • Over $1000 worth of value from talks, roundtables and more... (And Even More Than That For VIP Members)


               Dear Reader and Future World Saviour,


Here's Why Some Are Calling AIONCON The Plot To Save The World

Would you save the world if you could?


What if I told you that saving the world wasn’t about sacrifice, pain, loneliness and giving up everything you held dear in order to make everyone else’s lives better?


What if I told you that you can save the world by making your own life better in every conceivable way?


If I told you that getting rich, having better sex, building better relationships and being happier in your personal life in every single way were not just something you shouldn’t feel guilty about; but something that was crucial to the plot to save the world?


You’d probably think I was full of shit. Maybe, if you’re so culturally inclined, you’d assume it was some Faustian Pact.


This is no Faustian Pact. You aren’t doing a Deal With The Devil. The First Step To Saving The World Is By Making Sure You Are Happy, Healthy, And Building The Life Of Your Dreams.


At Aion Media, we believe that building a better world is about taking what you can control; your health, your wealth, and your relationships, and making those as good as they can be. Until you do this, you’re going to constantly worry and it’ll be on your mind. There’s a phrase, “Teach a man to fish, you’ll give him fish for the rest of his life.”


It’s hard to teach another man to fish when you’re starving to death yourself. We want to give you the tools so that you’re not starving anymore. Then, we can build a world of fishermen… metaphorically speaking.


To use another famous phrase, we understand there’s a big FAT ELEPHANT in the room. Most people don’t believe the world can be saved. They look at the insurmountable big picture and mentally concede defeat before they even start.


And that’s part of the plan…


The System wants you angry, afraid, confused and following their instructions on how to make the world a better place.


Think about what you’ll see every single day on your television or mobile device.

  • Media companies trying to start an “Us. Vs. Them” war – sometimes even telling you to ruin relationships with your family members so you can tell the world how “woke” you are.
  • Politicians on all sides playing the “Blame Game” and calling each other illegitimate rather than following through on the promises they’ve made
  • Scientists coming up with new studies which show that eating processed bug powder is not only the future, but it’s going to become your favourite food because god-damnit if you don’t eat bugs, the polar bears will die and
  • The 24/7/265 news cycle of every single protest movement in the world; yellow-vests in France, Arab Springs and Extinction Rebellions in London, #Anti-Nazis in America… widespread disruption, shops looted, police firing on pro-Freedom protestors with massive headlines asking, IS THIS OUR FUTURE?

The answer, if the system gets its way, is, “Yes.”


It’s best for business if there’s a continual flow of news that manipulates your emotions – that your life is a cascade of amygdala-triggered purchases and reliance on notifications on your buzzing phone. You know the world’s bad, and there’s nothing you can do about it, because the minute you feel OK, you get that “ping” on your phone… and the next big juggernaut of modern life is hurtling towards you.


In short… they want you to become a clown. An angry, isolated clown. Motivated by the idea of a mass uprising that will one day solve all of your problems, and get rid of the bad guys that are probably your friends, family and whoever your puppet masters tell you are the ones next in line to be cancelled.


What if there’s another way?


You do not have to be angry or embittered to make the world better. You certainly won’t make your life better by doing this.


We believe that the world can be a better place. If that seems a lofty goal, here’s one that’s possible and can be real right now:


Your life can be better.


And once your life is better, hey, the world will be a little bit better too.


And we’re betting that you can do far more than we can even imagine.


And that’s the whole reason we’ve put together AionCon.


Remember what we said about The System above?


That they want you divided, afraid, and feeling like you can’t trust any source.

AionCon is about doing the opposite. It’s about building unity, regardless of who you are, where you’re from… what your views are now.


We have put together a list of speakers from every walk of life, and given them the task of giving you their best advice on how to improve yourself and how to save the world.


We have men. We have women. We have Baby Boomers and Millennials.


There are talks by business owners, former military officers, career high-flyers as well as athletes, artists, dancers, trainers, scientists, writers, hypnotists… the list goes on.


Big business and politicians want to divide you into neat little camps, where you share the same memes and ideas with all the other people that agree with you, and the same problems bounce around in echo chambers until you’re all blue in the face and nobody’s life ever gets any better…


… we want you to grab whatever piece of information is valuable; regardless of affiliation, status, standing.


You can learn something from everyone, and we’ve put together the biggest and best mix of viewpoints ever assembled, and given them specific advice: help our viewers master themselves, and save the world.


AionCon is an online video conference due to open up on January 1st, 2020. We have hunted down the world's most eclectic bunch of experts ever assembled, and asked them to give advice on how to navigate the dangerous and confusing waters of modern life, and asked them to give talks centred around how you can avoid life's pitfalls and take advantage of the chaos and live the best life possible for yourself. 

We've done this with the hope that you'll use these resources for good, and return the favour by helping those around you live their best lives too.

AionCon is all of the following, and much more:

  • Over $1000 in courses, coupons, books, and consultations
  • How we know you’ll be celebrating 2020 as the best year of your life… before it’s even started.
  • Thirty speakers from all walks of life
  • a VIP package with content, courses, consultation and discounts whose value is more than 5x the price of admission.
  • 30 talks, three roundtable panel discussions
  • Bonuses of over $1500 in the VIP package
  • (Currently) Over 15+ hours of talks across 30 speakers and panels
  • An online culmination of some of the smartest and most motivated minds on the internet from around the world.


These videos are deep. They aren’t something you watch one time and, having learned it all, forget and move on with your life. You can keep coming back to these videos and unpack more learning from every single one. So it’s a good job that once you hit the buy button, you have access to the talks forever. This is all part of Aion’s MASTER PLAN to turn your mind into a positive ecosystem of resilience and action so that you can decide what you want for your life, and make it happen in the world.


Bill Masur

Founder of the Men of Character Conference


Rapper, Author, Speaker

Jack Murphy

Author, Podcaster, Founder of the Liminal Order

Nate Dean

Financial Educator, Coach, and Mentor

Johnny Noble

Founder of Noble Body

James P. Dowling

PhD Student, Podcaster, and Author

Brendon Marotta

Director of American Circumcision

Rachel Bock, M.S.

M.S. in Biology, Writer, and Researcher

Chance Lunceford

Author, Thinker, Host of the Logocentrifugal Podcast

Alli Covington, M.A.

Financial Planner, M.A. in Psychology

Mark Queppet

Founder of Universal Man

Robert Toth, PhD

Jason Snyder, PhD

Co-host of the Both/And Podcast

Siim Land

Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Human Performance Optimizer

Jack Peach

Researcher, Thinker, Traveler, Founder of ThinkinPeach.com

Niels Kok

Artist, Writer, Erotic Hypnotist

Kiara Bickers

Author of Bitcoin Clarity

Graeme Smith

Writer, Maker, Musician and Founder of Smith Bros Supply Co

Sunny Su, IDSA

Chief of Innovation at Paradigm Innovation Design, Advisory Board at Wake Tech

Farrah Leroy

Musings on Ecosocial Synergy and External Cognition | Refuge of the Mystic Scientist

Edward A. Perin, PsyD

Psychologist, Former Army

Leon Castillo

Venture Capital Partner, Founder of SelfMastered.Net

Roundtable Discussions For Everyone


​How to Save the World

Revolutionize the way you understand the wonders & powers of applied simplicity.


Learn the strategy of short-game, mid-game, long-game and deep-game, in an in-depth discussion with a few brilliant thinkers.


Featuring Jamie Combs 

Founder of Natural Balance Foods,

Creator of the Four Games System


and Jason Snyder, The Huntsman, Garrett Dailey and Benjamin George.




The Grey Wave

If you are missing a powerful male role model in your life, then don’t miss the wisdom from: 

  • Retired Navy, Chief Chuck

  • The Gentleman Mystic, Billy Red Horse

  • “Do Hard Things,” Dennis M. Hynes

These elders have plenty of timeless wisdom from their full lives to impart on you; learn from their successes and their failures.

The Ladies of Aion

Discover the mindset of the nature of the feminine and the masculine with The Ladies of Aion. 

  • Fitness Expert & Financial Planner, Alli Covington
  • Environmental Scientist, Farrah Leroy

  • Inspiring Artist, Cake In A Crisis

  • Science & Nature Enthusiast, Rachel Bock

Engage in a riveting discussion on building a unified future between the genders.


Aion Media Speakers

Garrett Dailey

Founder of MasterSelf and Aion Media, Executive VP of Old North Marq

Benjamin George

Creator of BenjaminGJW.com

and Co-Founder of Aion Media

Ryan Felman

Founder of PathtoManliness.com

The Huntsman

Geopolitical Savant 

Chief Chuck

Creator of ChiefChuck.com, Mentor

Ian Kuzma

Prototype Educator and Synaptic Teacher 

Victor Valentine

Multi-Disciplinary Strategist;


John Giuffré 

Comedian, Musician,

and Founder of Logos Productions

But It's Not About Us... Here's What You Can Look Forward To As An AionCon 2020 Attendee

These Are Just Some Of The Benefits You'll Get From Listening To AionCon's Lectures

  • The Key Secrets to Building a Resilient Mind
  • How to Inform Yourself About Reality Without Falling Into The Temptation Of Thinking Everything Is Doomed
  • The way to avoid being co-opted by the harmful narratives that you encounter every single day
  • Maybe you have trauma in your past… here’s how to understand it, heal from it and bring your life wholly back into the present
  • How to face every obstacle as a challenge to overcome… and win
  • The way to overcome any fear, and move past your feelings of learned helplessness
  • Finding purpose in a post-truth world
  • Why you should learn to love ageing in a world that pedestalises youth
  • How Your Health Impacts Your Wealth
  • Lessons from a keynote speaker who has built an international multimillion dollar health food business completely anonymously

  • The key to filling your life with art so that you can see the world – and your own life! - as a beautiful, truthful place
  • Adopting the idea of artistic creation into your life; and how, when you do, you can become much more than an artist
  • Learn to understand the full scope of human history through art – and then help to create it!
  • How you can hone your skills of observation, and master communication
  • The secrets to masculine/feminine polarity in relationships; and why you need to ignore harmful messaging from either side of the gender war and find balance instead
  • How your physical health, mental health and your personal finances are all entwined; and how you can get the best of all three
  • How your health impacts your wealth

The Specifics

The ordering process is simple. When you hit any of the JOIN NOW buttons on this page for either package, you’ll be taken to the order page. It’s powered by Kartra and is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption. Payments are done through PayPal, which is also secured. We never touch your credit card data, so you don’t have to worry about paying.


For the few in 2020 who don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can still use them as payment processor by entering your credit card details; they still process the transaction.


After your order has gone through, you will be redirected to our member’s area, and from January 1st, 2020, when Aioncon goes live, you will have access to the materials as and when they air, and for a lifetime afterwards.


Chances are 2020 is going to be a whirlpool of chaos if you let it. There’s a US Election coming up, the world is literally burning, and there are populist protests occurring everywhere from America to Paris through to the Middle East and China. It’s reasonable to think the world has gone crazy.

This is not the time to lose your head and join the crowd. This is the time to put your head down, learn how to distinguish fact from fiction, and importantly, free your mind from worrying about everything going on in the world.

Start 2020 by joining Aioncon, detoxing your mind and replacing inaction-based fears with wisdom which will help you solve problems in your life AND move forward with theoretical and practical steps.

  • How you can find personal meaning in a chaotic world
  • The why and how of creating a purposeful life​​​​
  • How to situate yourself memetically in the 21st Century
  • How to stop being a manager and start being a leader (not just for careers!)
  • Go from feeling like you're herding cats to being a powerful shepherd of your fellow men
  • Forget society at large; here's how you can protect yourself and prepare yourself as an individual starting today
  • Anti-Fragility; how to ready yourself for the troubles to come

But There Could Be More... Here's Your Premium "Toolkit For Saving The World" VIP MEMBERSHIP

When we started reaching out to speakers, we were overwhelmed by the amount.


But we know that you can’t just save the world by watching videos. That’s why we put together an additional package that consists of bonuses from our speakers and associates, including things like:

  • Bonus discount coupons for AionCon Speaker’s businesses
  • Consultation packages
  • Extra courses from our members
  • Books, both digital and physical (We’ll ship them to your door at no extra cost!)
  • Webinars, infographics and more
  • In short, our helpful participants have loaded the premium offer with even more value; everything from business logistics to building profitable social media profiles and getting into the sexiest shape of your life is covered in the bonuses.. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.
  • Here’s some more detail on what’s included in the Premium VIP package:

Save The World With The AionCon VIP Package

Here's everything we've added to the VIP Package... so far.

  • Holy Shift

    Course by Nate Dean


    -A video course of instruction teaching the key concepts and principles

    -A new perspective on how we view and use money in our lives

    -An introduction to the strategy we teach our clients that you can walk through on your time

    -A free gift with the completion of the course that we will personally mail out to you

    -One on one personal coaching from us

  • MasterSelf Year One

    The first year of MasterSelf- from "Beginning the Journey" to "The Birth of the Hero: Towards a New Ideal."

    Join Garrett Dailey in an adventure spanning from a month in the desert and 35 days without food to the beginnings of a new philosophy and a month of only eating meat- and more.

  • MasterSelf Year Two

    It's time for another year of MasterSelf- from Myth and Meaning to The Adversary, this year is heavier, darker, and much bigger in scope.

    We're exploring the Theory of Everything, the Origin of Consciousness, establishing a system of memetics, and more.

    Let's get it.

  • Vic's Quick 62

    by Victor Valentine

    Quick 62 is a compliation of several tools, organized by category, for those who are looking to boost their creativity + productivity.


    The Ultimate Organic Marketing Flow eBook + Infographic + Webinar is also included.


  • Path to Twitter Dominance

    by Ryan Felman of Path to Manliness


    • If you want to earn a solid side income, you need to build an audience to sell to
    • If you want to understand how others get so many more retweets than you
    • If you want to capture the attention of everyone who finds your account
    • If you want to learn this insider trick to get in front of new audiences
    • If you want to learn what you need to start doing right now
    • If you want to learn the art of crafting the perfect thread
    • If you want to form your tribe with like-minded people


    ...then you need the Path to Twitter Dominance.

  • How To Make Cool Stuff

    by Graeme Smith


    Most of what we do, make, or manipulate in the modern world doesn’t feel real.

    So much of our creative work is in the world of transient pixels, mouse clicks, and digits.

    In How To Make Cool Stuff, Graeme Smith inspires the reader to return to creating something real, something lasting, something deeply enriching - through Craftsmanship as an adventure. 

  • Bod

    Coupon Code

    by Alli Covington


    Get a huge discount off everything in the store with this coupon code, which is a massive savings on the most cutting edge  personal fitness and nutrition training available anywhere.

  • Paradigm Innovation Design

    50% your first S.H.I.F.T.

    by Sunny Su


    "Paradigm has been an invaluable asset to our team—helping us ideate and iterate efficiently and launch new products with a splash. We surpassed 1M+ subscribers with the help of their energetic and creative designs."


    —Tyler Denk, Growth Lead, Morning Brew


    "Over the last year, Paradigm has played a fundamental role in bringing our ideas not only to life, but to 10k+ customers around the globe. They seamlessly integrate into our team and we love working with them!"


    -- John Lifrieri, Co-founder, John + Tom's

  • Bitcoin Clarity

    Physical Book mailed to you

    by Kiara Bickers


    Is Bitcoin a bubble?

    This is the biggest question potential users want to know. In the book you’ll learn the history of cypherpunks, the first Bitcoin client, the Howey Test, and much more.

    The book is written for people who may already have some understanding of Bitcoin, and have some experience using it.


  • Vanguard Lessons

    Receive access to downloadable copies of Mark’s most in-depth lessons for his VANGUARD Community, where men overcome addictions and become action-takers in their lives!


  • The Five Pillars Of The Ascendant Mind

    By Chance Lunceford, James Dowling, and Garrett Dailey

    The 5 Pillars of the Ascendant Mind will teach you, step-by-step, how to get up off the couch, take your first step, adjust to demands on the move, to meet then surpass your aims and to move seamlessly into the next challenge in your climb to greatness.

  • Uncommon Mentality

    By Chance Lunceford

    If you want uncommon results, you must act uncommonly. To act uncommonly, you must think uncommonly. To do it consistently, you must commit to an uncommon life.

    You must develop an UNCOMMON MENTALITY, and learn How To Think Like No One Else.

  • Noble Body

    Coupon Code


    Founded by Johnny Noble


    "My mission is to create the highest quality face, body, and hair care products using only the finest natural ingredients that make all of us look and feel better. I’m honored to share my creations with you."


  • Sailor Words

    by Chief Chuck Witworth

    We've heard certain phrases or sayings since we were children. "You better mind your Ps and Qs!" "Well, this is a boondoggle" "He's three sheets to the wind, get him a cup of Joe."


    Sailor Words is a look at some of the more common phrases you've heard and how they originated from our storied and long nautical history.

  • The Book of Uncomfortable Truths

    by Bill Masur

    This book is a collection of uncomfortable truths that the modern world would rather ignore.

    "Many times it’s said the successful person has very little understanding of what actually led to their success. The same can be said of western civilization. The concepts, ideas, and principles which led to the industrial revolution and the modern world we have today are not properly understood by the mass of society.


    That's where my book comes in."



  • The Girlfriend's Guide
    to Fitness & Fat Loss

    by Alli Covington

    Learn the basics of how your body works to burn fat and build muscle to achieve the form and function you’ve been missing.

    Purchasers will get the updated version with all Alli’s latest research when it drops!

  • Ki Book Club

    50% off Coupon Code

    By Robert Toth and Travis Dennis

    "We create detailed elite non-fiction book summaries that can be read in just a few minutes.

    Expand your mind faster.

    We make it fun and easy for modern people to learn interesting and useful knowledge, and to choose which books are worth their time to read in full.

    Stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow's knowledge and learn from the masters of the past.

    Our book selection includes subjects as varied as entrepreneurship, nutrition, copywriting, creativity, philosophy, strategy, and esoterica, to name a few."

  • Consultation Session

    Two Hour Session

    with The Huntsman

    Experience a two hour logistics, supply chain, and/or strategy consultation valued at $250 normally with Aion Media's own logistical savant, The Huntsman.

    This is a game-changer for any business owner who wants to rebuild or refine their international supply chain program.

  • Dreams to Reality

    Video and Coupon Code

    by Brendon Marotta


    How I Went From Dull Freelance Gigs to Raising Over $115,000 to Manifest My Dream Project, Grow My Fanbase and Change the World.


    All you need in order to do the same is have a dream project and creative skills.


    This course will teach you how to crowdfund it and find your audience.

  • ...and the craziest thing?

    There’s still more to come. We'll be continuing to add more content to this package throughout the month leading up to AionCon 2020. Stay tuned!

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  • Resources so you can master health, wealth, relationships, mindset and much, much more!
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What Are You WAITING For?

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Everything in the AionCon 2020 Library. Access is yours forever.

  • All Of AionCon Videos to Watch Whenever
  • 15+ Hours, 30+ Speakers Unique Content You Won't Find Elsewhere
  • All The Tools You Need To Start 2020 The Powerful Way
  • Watch Forever Wherever You Have Internet Access- Unlimited Streaming
  • Over $1000 In Value



Premium VIP Access

Everything in our Standard AionCon Package Plus Some High-Value Bonuses You Won't Want To Miss

  • Everything in Our Standard Package
  • Unlimited Streaming Of All Videos... For Life
  • Exclusive AionCon Discounts From Several Of Our Speaker's Companies
  • Full-Length Courses and Books To Give You Extra Value
  • Resources so you can master health, wealth, relationships, mindset and much, much more!
  • Consulting Offer With Our Business Logistics Expert Huntsman - This Usually Costs $250 An Hour On It's Own



P.S. For those of you who like to skip to the bottom of any web page, Aion Media has a mission statement with saving the planet in mind. We do this by helping you live a better life, no matter what’s happening. AionCon is an online conference with 30+ speakers and 15+ hours of talks, discussions and more, that’ll help you improve your life and mind, and make the world a better place while you do it.


There are two packages; one which entitles you to view every single video we’ve filmed for AionCon. You can subscribe here and for just $129 you get access to the permanent video library for AionCon 2020. There’s also the Premium VIP option, and for $249, you get everything in AionCon plus a number of bonuses that value over $1000. You can subscribe as a VIP by clicking here or by hitting the VIP button above.